We take care of Your assets, so You can take care of Your business

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management

JK Maintenance Management is Our full-service concept to You. We bring You world class maintenance at low capital investment.

There are no need to invest in expensive software and “empty” licenses, we host Your maintenance management software an ensure its constant functionality and availability. We provide it all for You at a monthly fee.

The MM Package

Your world class maintenance setup is based on Our Maintenance Environment™ methodology – a pragmatic approach to implement a maintenance management system, read more here.

We review and quality assure Your technical documentation and provide a digital version of it, directly available to You via a web based interface – on Your tablet of PC.

We run SAP and construct the asset structure in SAP PM and manage spare parts in SAP MM.

We analyse Your equipment using Our JK FMECA™ method to create a customized maintenance management system matched 100% to Your requirements and equipment.

Install sensors (where needed) and link it directly to Our historian server for collection and monitoring. Operational and performance data is used to monitor the condition of Your equipment and to call the required preventive maintenance activity.

We can execute maintenance and overhaul activities for You.

We can mange logistics and stock activities for You, and there through significantly lower the value “bound” in Your warehouse.

The Value

In short we give You:

  • A complete maintenance management system.
  • All software and support.
  • 24/7-365 condition monitoring
  • Planning and execution of jobs.
  • Purchasing, storage and sub-contractor management.
  • All brought to You based on validated expert maintenance knowledge!
  • Increased production up-time
  • Higher reliability
  • Lower costs!
Service Level 1

Service Level 1

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Service Level 2 a

Service Level 2

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Service Level 3

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Martin Krøyer
Chief Operating Officer
Toldbodvej 1, 6700 Esbjerg
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