Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management
Bringing world class maintenance to industries, for the competitiveness of companies and the greater good of Society.

The Company

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management was established in order to be able to help asset heavy industries and companies implement and execute maintenance that corresponds to the technical advances of the industry. Moving from reactive and break down maintenance to preventive/predictive maintenance.

The potential for companies within asset maintenance is significant, but an often unrealised potential. Summing up costs due to down time production loss, increased warehouse, use of sub-contractors etc. there is an immediate and obvious improvement potential. Our projects in Juel & Krøyer Maitenance Engineering has shown return on investments of above 350% over an incredibly short period – i.e. 80 days.

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management is the clearest sign of the initial thoughts of Juel & Krøyer ApS (now JK TeroTech) and Our Why. Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management bring together the most evident synergies of JKP Fieldservices  and Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering, where the high practical and professional job execution is combined with the detailed engineering knowledge to provide the most holistic maintenance service available.

Taking service and asset management to the next level. Where unforeseen failures are a thing of the past!

More info

Juel & Krøyer TeroTech

Our group company, read more about the company structure, our values and DNA.

JKP Fieldservices

Manpower, mechanical repair and maintenance, compressors, turbines and pumps. Kit service for tools and spare part optimization.

Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance advisory, SAP PM/MM assistance, Master Data Management, Technical Documentation, Software, reliability studies, maintenance plan and maintenance management systems.