In a brief

The maintenance management setup was installed and implemented on a transfer boat, operating the European offshore wind mill farms.

The vessel operates continuously back and forth between the shore and offshore windmills, and often run at high revs or in idle mode. The propulsion systems are thus often subject to varying loads that strain them and challenge their reliability.

By installing the JK Maintenance Management system the client implemented new maintenance routines shifting activities from shore based corrective actions to preventive inspection activities. Our control room continuously monitors the performance of the vessel, based on Our reliability analysis of the entire machine.

This unique approach includes all components on the boat, not just the driving equipment, and thus marks the boat a truly reliable.


  • Maintenance Environment
  • Documentation – validated, quality assured and digitally available
  • Installed sensors
  • 24/7-365 condition monitoring
  • Job planning


Following the implementation of the Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Management system, most maintenance have been switched from corrective land based to sailing preventive.

The boat is still validating data, but initial data indicates significantly reduced maintenance costs and increased inspection intervals.